Baling Wire

Metalwire is a well known name in the recycling industry as a supplier of baling wire (binding wire). We supply a complete assortment of baling wire for pressing, say, old paper, cardboard, textiles, car tyres and other waste materials. Baling wire is available in different levels of quality depending on the application. With regards to formats, here too we can offer you many options: rosette coils, rewound coils, catch weight coils, Cut & Looped and wire on formers. We have most types of baling wire in stock. 

For the semi-automatic tying of bales we can supply black annealed wire and galvanized baling wire in different diameters and formats. Both types of baling wire are lightly oiled, but can also be supplied in a non-oiled version. 

For the binding of highly expanding materials, such as foam, textiles, cotton, fibres, rubber and so on, we supply a high quality wire (galvanized, copper plated or bright) with an increased tensile strength. Click here for more information about Quick link bale ties.

Should you have any questions about baling wire, please contact Frank Vogel.