Stainless Steel Wire

Metalwire supplies stainless steel wire – or inox wire – in every conceivable alloy or format and with various surface treatments. As the name indicates, these wires are corrosion resistant. In addition, they can be acid-resistant or heat-resistant. 

Fields in which our stainless steel wire is much-applied are the medical world, the food industry and chemistry. In these branches, rust and acid resistance in particular are important factors.
The heat resistance of the alloys is much put to the test in oven construction.
Corrosion resistance is a very decisive factor for the life span and reliability of mechanical connectors such as screws, bolts, rivets or nails. This is part of the reason why the quality of this wire is often opted for. Where water or corrosive chemical substances are separated from other substances, filters or sieves from stainless steel wire are often used. The life of the sieve or filter is determined by the correct choice of alloy.

Our high-quality bars are characterised by the special surface and extremely precise tolerance. This makes them very widely applicable.

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